Fun Facts About Caserta

Caserta city is located in southern Italy, north of Naples. The city is commonly known as the Palace of Caserta. More interestingly, it is a famous commercial, agricultural and industrial commune, and city.


Palace of Caserta




The name itself can tell you what it’s worth visiting the city. Maybe you are planning to visit the Palace of Caserta and get a chunk of fantastic fun and adventure. There so many things to enjoy at the palace; the fountain, 1200 masterpiece rooms, famous gardens, painting, and sculptures for art lovers, waterfall to name but a few.


Captivating history


It becomes exciting when you start learning the history of Caserta, the furniture and building are more than 200 years old and in very stable condition. It is an attractive site for tourists, and locals where they learn and understand their heritage. Caserta in its history it suffered from war, dispersion and thefts and nature effects such as the earthquake.


Waterfall at Caserta


Maybe you have been to other palaces, but I can assure you that you can’t compare any with Caserta waterfall. The waterfall is stretching nearly 3 kms from the palace, creating a beautiful scene and makes your experience at Palace of Caserta memorable. It is unbelievable to imagine that it would take you 45 minute if you decide to walk. Alternatively, you might choose to use a horse, buses or use a bike. When getting back from the palace, you can enjoy the succession waterfall and fountains.


Famous gardens


The city has historical gardens that are worth visiting. English garden is situated approximately 3.6kms from the palace. You can use the palace shuttle to get on the top of the long walk at very pocket-friendly cost. It’s a landscape garden with beautiful greenhouses, follies, and temples.


The Fountain of Caserta


The fountain waterway crosses the second part of the park. It is made of three centuries of the landscape. The shows Vanvitelli’s scenographic capabilities can manipulate your perception creating the effect of illusions. You are a lovely landscape component, which makes the fountains; they are decorated with very rich sculptural apparatus. There so many fountains that will make your experience unforgettable. Maybe I can mention more fountains that you are likely to see during your visit; the fountain three dolphin, Aeolus, Ceres, Venus and Adonis, and Diana and action and waterfall.


Painting and sculptures


Vanvitelli was an architect, scenographer and engineer, he becomes famous due to his outstanding talent in drawing. Caserta is filled with eye-catching drawing and sculpture that makes a lot of sense to the history of Italy.


Palace of Caserta is a beautiful place with stunning apartments. The palace has attracted visitor from all over the world. Excellent transport means, taking outstanding pictures, affordable services, awesome viewing, and biking are some of the memorable experience you can witness at the palace of Caserta. It’s nothing less than truth to say that Palace of Caserta has a great history for Italy as a whole. Anytime you learn about the history of the Palace of Caserta you get deep to learn more of Italians history and culture. Just close by, there are shops that allow you to make your own liquid lipstick